Virginia Brewery Tours

You Have the Time. Virginia's got the Beer. We Have the Ride.

Virginia Brewery Tours, based out of Richmond, VA, was established to provide guests with a remarkable local beer and food experience by learning about and tasting the delicious beers and artisanal eateries throughout the Commonwealth.Y

What is a public tour?**                                                                                                 
A public tour is open to anyone and everyone. This allows us to introduce as many people as possible to the breweries and their beer. Our public tours have a minimum of 22 people and a maximum of 25.   

**At this time we are not offering public tours, however, this may change in the near future. 

What is a private tour?                                                                                                 
A private tour is a tour for a group who would like to create a unique experience for just their group.

What is included on the tour?                                                                                             
We offer two different public tour packages, one of which includes an artisanal meal. Both tours offer transportation to three breweries, a glimpse of the facilities by a brewery team member and sample tastings at each each.                             

What breweries are you currently visiting?                                                                                                  
On our public tours we are currently visiting: Ardent Craft Ales, Hardywood Park Craft Brewing, Isley Brewing Company, Legend Brewing Company, Strangeways Brewing and Triple Crossing Brewing all located in Richmond. We are continually expanding our public tour offerings so check our blog and social media accounts to keep up with our latest tour schedule. Our private tours range beyond the city limits of Richmond and throughout the state.                         

What breweries will I visit?
We will work with you to choose the breweries that will provide the best tasting experience for your group.

Can I book a private tour?   
Yes, absolutely! Please contact us and we will try our best to accommodate the dates and breweries you would like to see. 

What is the refund/cancellation policy?                                                                                                 
We have a strict 48-hour cancellation policy (72 hours for parties of 6 or more). We require a 75% cancellation fee for each ticket or tour cancelled. Cancellations made less than 48 hours before the start of your scheduled tour (72 hours for parties of 6 or more) will be charged full ticket price. The fees are aggressive as our tour prices for the group are dependent on booking minimums.

What if I'm late for my tour?
We cannot refund late arrivals or no shows. Our public tours guests can not be expected to wait for you if you are late.

Can minors (infants, toddlers, children, kids under the age of 21)  join the tour?
Minors, of any age, are not allowed on public or private tours. Anyone, under 21 can not ride our public tours. For those with children or small infants, we recommend a private tour for your party. Please contact us to coordinate these tours.

Can dogs come on the tour?
Although many of the breweries are dog-friendly, we are not able to allow pets on the bus or van. 

Is the tour wheelchair accessible?
We do have transportation that is wheelchair accessible. Be sure to contact us to confirm if you are in need of this access.         

What if I do not want a ride back to the pick-up location?
This is highly discouraged, however, if you would like not to continue on the tour, or forgo the ride back to the pick-up location, please let your guide know as soon as possible.

What if someone is late reboarding the tour after a stop a the brewery?
Before leaving the vehicle at each brewery we will confirm what time we are leaving the brewery and how long you have at each brewery. We will also alert you when you have ten minutes left to close your tabs, finish your beers and be ready to leave. We do our best to ensure everyone is accounted for when leaving. 

Can I buy a gift certificate?
Yes, you can order one by visiting the Book a Tours page or by contacting us.     
What if I forget my ID?
No ID, no tour, sorry. You must be 21 years of age to sample beer on the brewery tours and refunds can not be offered because your purchase is integral to the reduced rates we charge the group.
What are the accepted forms of identification at check-in for your reservation?
Valid (in date & not expired) driver’s license issued by any state in USA
Valid (in date & not expired) identification card issued Virginia
Valid USA military identification card
Valid (not expired) passport – If you are visiting from another country, please bring your passport to verify your legal age of 21 years old.
How long is the tour?
Tours typically last 4 hours (be sure to arrive approximately 15 minutes before scheduled start time to assure an on-time departure). 

How many beer samples can I expect during the tour?
Typically you will receive approximately 12-16, 3 ounce samples during the tour. You are not obligated to drink each sample provided. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU ARRANGE TRANSPORTATION OR DESIGNATE A SOBER DRIVER BACK TO YOUR HOME OR HOTEL AT THE END OF THE TOUR. Your guide will happily provide you with local taxicab information at your request.   

Should I eat lunch before the tour?   
Yes, if you are not booking the Richmond City Brunch tour, we recommend you eat something before the tour begins. Because you will be touring multiple breweries and tasting different styles of beer, it is important that you eat. When you are enjoying the tasting rooms of the breweries you may have the chance to purchase food from the brewery and/or a food truck outside. We do allow food on the bus, as long as you clean up after yourself.

Can I bring my own beer or food?                                                                                                       
Yes, but you can not bring your beer into the breweries we visit.

Can I buy beer at the breweries?
Absolutely. At most of the breweries, you have the opportunity to buy beer after the tasting, and we encourage you to do so because most of the beer you will be tasting is not found in local bottle shops or other retail outlets.

Can I bring beer from the breweries we visit onto the bus?
Yes, if the beer is in a closed, unopened container, i.e. cans, bottles. Open containers are not allowed to be brought from the brewery onto the bus.

Can I drink beer on the bus?
Yes, as long as it is in a container that is covered. You can not bring beer into breweries, only empty growlers you intend to fill inside are allowed.

Is there a place to store and keep my beer cool?

What is your refund policy?
In event of an emergency or inclement weather, full refunds are only issued in advance of 48 hours of your scheduled tour. Your refund will be mailed, or electronically refunded through, to you within 2 weeks following the canceled run.
What is your right of refusal policy?
All breweries and Virginia Brewery Tours reserves the right to refuse admission on the bus at check in, or at each brewery re-boarding, if a tour guest arrives drunk or disorderly. We will also remove any tour guest that is disruptive and disrespectful to staff, brewery representatives, or other tour guests.
Is there a minimum number of people that you must have to run a public and/or private brewery tour?
Yes, on a public tour there is a 6 person minimum or we may be forced to cancel the event. 

Do I need to be a beer expert?
No! This is meant to be a learning experience! One of the main concepts of our beer tours is for you to deepen your knowledge about beer and Virginia's beer regions, but the primary focus is that we want you to have an excellent experience. Whether you are a complete novice, a seasoned consumer, our very knowledgeable guides will happily adapt to your needs, Whatever your level of understanding, you will come out with more knowledge than before, and more importantly have a great time.

Are there a lot of people on the tours?
Daily tours are capped at a maximum of 25. At most breweries we have private visits and tastings, so keeping the groups small creates a very personal experience. For private tours and corporate events, we can accommodate all sizes and will create an itinerary that works best for the size of your group.

Can I book for only one person?
You certainly can book yourself a tour, you will be certain to meet many like-minded folks!

How do you choose which breweries to go to?
The craft beer industry in Richmond and Virginia has experienced incredible growth in recent years and there has been an explosion of breweries that are producing delicious beers. At Virginia Brewery Tours, we want to show you the best this region has to offer.

We choose the breweries based on the quality of the beer they make and the service they provide our guests,  then design tours that include breweries which offer a contrast of style and flavors. We ask you to trust our brewery choices and allow us to build the best possible route according to our insight and historical knowledge.

What costs are not included in the price of the tour?
Gratuities to driver, guide and beer servers, the purchase of pints, growlers, merchandise and taxi service (if needed).

Is there non-alcoholic beer or non-alcoholic beverages served at the breweries?
There are no non-alcoholic beers served at the breweries we visit. Most breweries offer canned or bottled sodas and water in addition to the beers they serve. 

What days do you run tours?
Private tours and corporate events can be scheduled 7 days a week.

What type of vehicle is provided?
We partner with multiple transportation providers for our public tours. We generally use trolleys, sprinter vans and mini coaches. We will only travel in vehicles that are spacious enough to comfortably accommodate the size of the group booked.

All of the vehicles we use have air conditioning and heating, meaning that you will have a pleasant trip regardless of the season. 

For Private Tours and Corporate Events, there are several options for vehicles which will be discussed when you contact us.

Where will you pick me up and drop me off?
We will work with you to determine the best location to meet you and return you to when scheduling your event.

Is there a lot of driving time in the tours?
For the Richmond City tours, no. Most of the breweries are not more than 15 minutes (or less!) away from each other. For tours that are outside of the city travel time increases.

Are bathrooms available along the route?
All breweries have clean bathrooms, please make use of them. We do not make stop between breweries. 

Where can I find a Virginia Brewery Tours Waiver?
Click here to download the waiver.

Where can I find a Virginia Brewery Photo Release?
Click here to download the release.

What else should I know?
Our tours are knowledge-based where you will be given detailed information about the beer brewing process and learn about the nuances of different beer styles. Your guide and the staff of the breweries you visit are very knowledgeable and will gladly answer any questions you have. The brewery tour companies act only as an agent for the companies that supply beverages on the tours and cannot be held responsible for losses, accidents, injuries, and delays caused by persons engaged in carrying out the services provided by the tour.

Can I take photos on the tours?
Photos and/or video may be taken on the tour… please let them know if you would prefer not to be photographed and/or filmed.

Will my photo be taken on the tour?
Photos and/or video may be take on the tours. We will not take your photo or publish it without your written consent. We have photo release forms for you to sign, or not sign, when you book your tour. 

Can we purchase merchandise from the brewery?
Yes. Each brewery offers a selection of t-shirts, pint glasses, growlers, etc. for purchase. 

Is gratuity included for the tour guide?
Gratuity is not included. We feel it’s our responsibility to provide you an exceptional brewery tour experience and remind you appreciation for a well served beer, guided tour and safe transportation is greatly appreciated in the form of gratuity. 

What is the appropriate amount to tip your tour guide?
We reference the site as our suggested industry standard. Our guides are typically given a gratuity of 15% - 20%  and drivers 10% - 15% per person per the price of the tour, but any amount is greatly appreciated.

How do I get home?
The breweries and Virginia Brewery Tours do not condone drinking and driving. When the tour has concluded the tour guide can help get a taxi for you to get home safely. Taxi fares are to be paid by the patron, not the brewery, transportation provider or Virginia Brewery Tours.
Are there hotels near the starting/ending point of the tour?
There are several hotels within easy walking distance or a short cab ride away. For a complete list of hotels in the area, visit the Richmond Region Tourism's website.

How should I dress?
The attire is completely up to you although we recommend casual clothing. Please bear in mind that we will be going behind the scenes of working breweries, and the floors can get dirty and slippery and it is often warm in the warehouses, so please keep this in mind and wear sensible footwear.

What should I wear?
Closed toe shoes are preferred. Please avoid wearing flip flops or high heels. You will be walking through functioning breweries and wearing the proper footwear is for your own protection. Dress comfortably and accordingly for the weather.

Can you accommodate people with special dietary restrictions?
Yes we can accommodate food restrictions for clients. Please let us know as soon as possible what your restriction is and your food preferences.

Can I choose the breweries that I visit?
We work with a small number of breweries chosen for their high-quality beer, their uniqueness, and their friendly and personal service. As mentioned above, we ask you to trust our brewery choices and let us create the best itinerary for you. For our private tours, if there are certain breweries you would like to visit, and you book with enough time, we will try to integrate them into your personalized itinerary.

I’ve been on a Virginia's Brewery Tours before.  If I sign up for another, will I be seeing different breweries?
Our tours differ slightly and are expanding rapidly, so chances are you would see different breweries than you did before. If you’d like to ensure that your experience is different, you can contact us, and let us know which breweries you’ve visited before, and we can recommend a date for you to choose.